Roberto Spagnoli
songwriter vocals, guitar and acoustic guitar

Roberto Spagnoli was born on 01/11/1985 in Tivoli
it all began when twelve listened to the case “made in japan” Deep Purple and realized that there was a world to be discovered and that his life would never be the same. So I start to sing trying to imitate its myths such as Robert Plant, Ronnie James Dio to create different bands with which to perform. At sixteen years of age approaches the guitar and from that moment will start to also compose his first songs. After many experiences with different bands, he meets Andrea Bonifaci and Francesco Patane latter will accompany him during the years in different bands, thanks to these meetings will be born Wild River. The line up It will be completed a few months later, with the entry of drummer Ludovico Lovecchio known previously in another band.

Andrea Bonifaci
songwriter lead guitar and backing voice

Andrea Bonifaci was born in Rome on 28/10/1984 began playing the guitar at fourteen years of age, after listening to Guns’ n roses. So begins a journey that will take him to the discovery of a world that ranges from rock to blues in the three decades of music ranging from the 70s to the 90s. Soon she begins to military in local raw band and their first concerts in and outside the capital. In 2014, finally he comes the meeting with the singer Roberto Spagnoli and bassist Francesco Patane with which comes a great musical affinity thus beginning to work on the first songs, a little later with the arrival of drummer Ludovico Lovecchio training will be complete by giving life to the Wild River.

Francesco Patanè
bass and backing voice

Francesco Patanè was born in Rome 23/12/1986
enters the world of music at fourteen years of age when he and a friend tried the first approach with the guitar. But it is listening to Guns n’ Roses who discovers a passion for the bass thanks to its all time idol Duff Mackagan. At sixteen years of age he bought his first bass, without ropes and defective pick-up, for two pennies. Reconditioned by himself with great care and passion, she will accompany him for many years to come. In 2014 thanks to the musical experience shared in previous years with Roberto Spagnoli Andrea Bonifaci and form a band, then with the arrival of Ludovico Lovecchio will form the Wild River.

Ludovico Lovecchio
drums harmonica and backing voice

Ludovico Lovecchio was born in Rome (19/07/1992)
Already at three years of age showed attitudes in wanting to play the drums, beating on any surface that was in front of him, destroying cabinets and sofas with its first chopsticks. He grew more and more this world of music and percussion bewitched him, every time I listened to a song of Led Zeppelin, Queen and Pink Floyd remained motionless and stunned.
But true enlightenment came the day listening for the first time a drum solo of his future idol Jhon Bonham. At seven years of age he began studying percussion and subsequently battery also beginning to make experiences with various local bands. In one of these he met Andrea Bonifaci and another still Roberto Spagnoli, so happened that one day then find that all in the Wild River play in the same band.

Another Day // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  1. Another Day // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  2. Trust Me Again // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  3. Tired Hands // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  4. Stoner // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  5. Nutshell // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  6. On the Road // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  7. Dancing in the Night // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  8. The Last Train // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  9. Here You // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  10. Under the Bad Signs // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  11. Burn Your Chains // Wild River - Burn Your Chains
  12. Darkness // Wild River - Burn Your Chains